When buying a DAVO stamp album for your country collection you can choose between 3 formats:

DAVO LUXE ALBUMSAn album with mounts
– A padded binder
– A luxe slipcase
– Extra heavy paper (170 gsm.)
– Mounts without softener

Every country is accomodated in one or more volumes, according to the number of stamps issued. All prices for each volume of the luxe albums, listed in our brochure, are inclusive of the cover, slipcase and pages with mounts. A complete solution!

DAVO STANDARD-LUXE ALBUMS: An album without mounts identical to the luxe albums
– A padded binder
– A luxe slipcase
– Extra heavy paper (170 gsm.), but without mounts

The composition of the countries is always the same as that of the luxe albums. All prices for standard-luxe albums, listed in our brochure, are priced per volume, without mounts, including cover and slipcase.

DAVO STANDARD ALBUMS: An album without mounts
– A dark blue linen cover
– A blue standard cover
– Paper of 100 gsm.

Each country is executed in one or more volumes, according to the number of stamps issued.

DAVO Luxe binders: Is your DAVO album getting too full? If you insert supplement pages in your album, in the course of time, your album may get too full. Empty DAVO binders are available for each country you collect to house your growing collection.

Supplementary pages: Supplements for the Netherlands and the Overseas Territories albums appear in January each year for the stamps which have appeared in the previous year. For other countries, the supplement pages generally appear in March and April.

Catalogues: Looking for a specific catalogue?

DAVO-mounts: DAVO Mounts consist of two joined synthetic foils, between which you can safely accommodate your stamps in the album. The lower of the two plastic foils is provided with gum, so you can attach the mounts to your album page, by moistening lightly. All DAVO albums and Luxe supplement pages are provided with DAVO Cristal mounts. In DAVO standard or DAVO standard-luxe albums you can apply the mounts yourself. The current Dutch stamps are practically all a standard size and therefore DAVO-mounts have been made to measure for the Dutch stamps. These mounts fit exactly to the frames in your “The Netherlands” album, so you can apply these easily. Packs of mounts are available which may be cut to size. Each size is available separately, in packs of 50 mounts.

Click here to learn more about the Easy mounts !!

DAVO’s fleet of cars: DAVO’s fleet of model cars consists of 13 vans, produced in the years 1994-2010. Annually one or two DAVO Vans will be brought out. Models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are sold out. Models 6, 12 and 13 are still available in limited numbers.

DAVO stockbooks: DAVO stockbooks are extremely useful for storing your double stamps and stamps for which the annual supplement has yet to been published.